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POS Billing Software Features

Detailed Sales Reports
Simplify the Accounting Process
Inventory Management System
Quick & Accurate Billing
Excellent Touch Screen Support
Manage Multiple Companies and Shop


POS (Retail) Billing Software

WIM’s POS Software (Retail) is integrated with point-of-sale billing, invoicing, inventory control and much more. As compared to other software’s, WIM is quite user-friendly, easy to use, manage sales and purchase, maintain reports and keep complete records of your business. You can teach and train WIM Software to your new employees within 10 minutes. WIM is built keeping in mind the Indian businesses, businessmen, and their busy schedules. With WIM, Billing and Invoicing become easy and fast saving a lot of time. In the POS Retail Billing System Software, you can keep a track on all your retail invoices, sales, purchases, payments & transactions, warehouses and much more.

WIM POS software alerts and notifies you with all the products that are getting out of stock or are less in quantity. In WIM Billing Software you can maintain all your users, customers, clients, suppliers etc. at one place. You can also define custom roles to each and every user using your software as you have the super admin rights. 

WIM POS Software has Global Settings Module from where you can control the entire invoice software easily. In the settings module, you can input your taxes, set your default currency, monitors customer groups, manage backups, handle updates and much more just by sitting in front of your PC.

In very short, WIM is built to provide our users the best ever billing and invoicing experience. Our billing software completely respects your valuable time and lays you an interface for quick billing & invoicing.

For more features and modules of WIM, you can check out all the modules mentioned in our below section.


Products Module

List all Your Products

Easily Add Products One by One

Import/Export Products

Edit, Download PDF & Delete Products

Print Products Barcode/Label

Add, Edit & Manage Quantity Adjustments

Count & Maintain Record of all your Stocks

Update Bulk Price of Products at once

Sales Module

List of all Your Sales

Easily Add Sales Manually

Add Sales in Bulk using CSV File

Edit, View, Print, Download & Delete Sales

Record Delivery Order for Sales

List & Modify your Gift Cards

Moderate Return Sales easily

Receive Payments Online (Paypal)

Purchase Module

List of all Your Purchases

Easily Add Purchases Manually

Add Purchases in Bulk using CSV File

Edit, Download PDF & Delete Purchases

View & Print Purchases

Add, Edit & Modify all your Expenses

Evaluate Expenses with the List

Moderate Received Payments Online


Settings Module

Complete System Settings

Change and Manage all your Logo’s

Control and Add your Default Currency Easily

Products Pricing Per Customer, Suppliers

Add, Edit, Delete Customer Groups

Monitor Brands, Units, Tax Rates, Email Templates Easily

Add, Manage Categories and Expenses Categories

Daily Backups with Latest Updates

Users/People Module

List all User of Billing Software

Add Custom Users, Assign Custom Roles & Permissions

List of all your Billers

Add, Edit & Manage all your Users

List of all your Customrers

Add, Edit & Manage all your Customers at One Place

List of all your Suppliers

Add, Edit & Manage all your Suppliers Easily

Reports Module

Instant Products Quantity Alerts and Reports

Profit/Loss and Adjustments Reports

All Brands and Categories Reports

Add, Edit and Manage all your Users

Purchases, Sales and Expenses Reports

Sales and Payments Reports

Suppliers, Customers, Billers and Staff Reports

Daily Purchases and Monthly Purchases Reports


Transfers Module

List all your Transfers at One Place

Add Custom Transfers as per Sales

Edit, Download, Delete & Manage your Transfers

Upload Transfers in Bulk using CSV

Maintain Complete Reports of Transfers and Deliveries

Quotations Module

List all your Quotations at One Place

Add Custom Quotations for Clients and Customers

Edit, Delete & Manage your Quotations

Download and Email Quotations from Dashboard

Reports of Quotations Sent and Received

Charts/Graphs Module

Overview of Complete Billing Period Cycle

Overview Charts of Best Sellers

Warehouse Stocks Chart

Check Sales/Purchases using Graphs and Charts

Transfers, Deliveries, Taxes Pie Charts and Graphs

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